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Die Cast Aluminium PLAIN

The KLB-5523-PBL boasts a sophisticated design characterized by elegant curves and a premium powder-coated black finish, adding a touch of refinement to any outdoor environment. Whether illuminating a cozy patio, a grand entrance, or a bustling urban plaza, this outdoor wall light elevates the visual appeal of its surroundings with its understated yet striking presence.


Equipped with high-performance LED technology, this fixture delivers bright and uniform illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and safety in outdoor areas. Its up-and-down lighting distribution creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while accentuating architectural features and landscaping elements with precision and finesse.


Crafted from durable materials such as Die Cast aluminum, the KLB-5523-PBL is built to withstand the elements, making it suitable for use in diverse outdoor settings. Its IP65 rating provides protection against dust, moisture, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance and longevity even in coastal regions or high-exposure environments.

Height: 29 Width: 17.5 Depth: 9
  • Bulb: 2 x E27 18W
  • IP Rating: IP54
Specifications PDF: KLB-5523-PBL
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